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USSoccer has modified the definition of the referee grades.  This will require some changes in the registration process.  Former Grade 8 referees will now be split into two categories, Youth Referees and Adult Referees.  Each category of referee will have separate re-certification requirements and will have separate re-certification clinics.


Persons under 18 and all new first year referees will be Youth Referees and will still have a designation of grade 8.  These persons will only be permitted to officiate U-19 or lower games as either a referee or as an assistant.  Re-certifying referees will still have three hours’ worth of instruction online and two hours of in-person classroom instruction.  The test will be taken online.


Re-certifying referees over 18 will be Adult Referees and will be designated as a grade 7.  (Don’t confuse this with the old grade 7.)  These persons will be eligible to officiate youth or adult games.  There is a complete new course that all persons must attend.  Re-certifying referees will take the majority of the course online and will have two hours of instructions in a classroom.  New referees and persons under 18 that wish to officiate adult games will be permitted to take this course and will be registered as Adult Referees.


Ohio North will implement a new grade 7A.  This grade will designate persons that have completed the adult referee training and have completed a fitness test and an assessment.  In effect, this will be the old grade 7, Referee class 1, classification.  Only grade 7A will be considered for advancement to State Referee and may be assigned to out of state tournaments that are assigned by the SRC such as the Midwest Regional Championships.


All State referees will now be a grade 6 and will be required to attend a fitness test and have TWO assessments each year.  Ohio North will implement a grade 6A that will encompass some advanced training for State Referees that want to eventually move to the National Ranks.

Along with these changes there are new registration fees.  Youth and Adult referees will now pay $65.00 per year to register.  Grade 7A will pay the $65.00 plus a $20.00 assessment fee.  State Referees will pay $90.00 registration fee plus $120.00 for the two assessments.  The complete list of registration fees may be found on on the referee registration page.


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