USSF / FIFA Laws of The Game

Futsol Laws published by International Futsol.


Guide to Procedures The United States Soccer Federation adopts the procedures outlined in this pamphlet in order to standardize officiating techniques, signals and mechanics at all levels of play. They have been recommended by a panel of senior referees and instructors and have been thoroughly tested at international, professional, adult and youth levels of competition.

Administrative Handbook A guide to the administrative processes of the U.S. Soccer Referee Program. It contains information about policies, by-laws and requirements that affect all referees, including referee recertification and upgrading requirements.

Referee Directives The 10 directives are provided to assist in the management of games at the highest levels and, hence, are of interest not only to match officials but to coaches and administrators as well. The objective of the directives is to provide a more unified and consistent approach in key areas of game management.