USSF has refined the Grade system for referees.  Grade 8 referees are now the starting point, typically for youth referees – adults start as Grade 7, and can also become a Grade 7A referee after completing a fitness and written test to do higher level matches.  If you have been a Grade 8 USSF official for a couple of years, you will be designated a Grade 7 upon renewal and you may also want to consider becoming a Grade 6 State level referee.

Now is the time to begin that process.  Requirements for upgrading can be found in your referee administrative handbook.  If you have questions contact Firelands District USSF rep Ben Manlou at 216-798-5200 or  email:  .  Also, can check the back of the “Laws of the Game” rules book for information.

You can also contact Firelands District USSF rep Alexander Casey by email at: for further information and he will guide you through the process.

Firelands District
Contact Ben Manlou



For more info browse the Ohio North Referees website for the most up to date clinic information in Northeast Ohio.

Their website is