531596_f520[1]Thank you for your interest in officiating soccer in northern Ohio!  Many men and women before you have found that their decision to learn more about the “wild world” of soccer officiating has enhanced their lives as well as those they officiate.  Our FSRA association is dedicated to providing you with the necessary resources available to support your success.

If you have never been a soccer referee, you should follow the US Soccer Grassroots Referee procedure listed at the Ohio North State Referee Committee and U.S. Soccer Learning Center websites. US Soccer referee classes are typically from December through March each year. Minimum age for a soccer referee is currently 13 yrs of age for Ohio.

This First-time US Soccer Grassroots Referee training ($55) will include:

  1. Online Grassroots Referee Course Module
  2. Grassroots Referee Quiz
  3. NCSI Background check – Required for 18 yr olds and up. Additional $30 plus processing, required every 2 yrs.
  4. US Safe Sport training – Required for 18 yr olds and up.
  5. Concussion Awareness certificate (free, required every 3 years).
  6. In-person or virtual class (VFTS – Virtual Field Training Session) – 3 hours

Besides officiating youth games, adult officials are many times assigned to officiate with officials that are not yet 18.  These officials, their parents and the soccer community need to know that they will be in a safe environment when officiating.

To start this process, please proceed to the Ohio North State Referee Committee, and the U.S. Soccer Learning Center and follow the instructions.

Questions?  Please contact Alex Casey (District Referee Administrator) at 440-320-8897 or .