The State of Ohio legislature has passed a law, effective April 26, 2013 in which referees can be held liable for concussions to players.

The NFHS has developed a concussion course which will give you a certificate upon completion. Thanks to GCSOA & Jim Horvath for the link.

If you plan on refereeing any games after 4/25/2013, you must complete the course and then send each assignor you work with a copy of the completed certificate. So, if you work for several assignors, as most of you do, you must send the certificate to each assignor.

PLUS, you must carry a copy of the completed certificate in case you are asked for it.

A league (or tournament) director, may ask for it as they do not want to be held liable for referees who have not completed the concussion training course. This applies to all games. USSF sanctioned, non sanctioned, Indoor, Futsal, high school, etc.

USSF requires that all certified assignors keep a listing of officials who have completed the course. You do not have to take the NFHS course. You can take a course offered by anyone, such as the CDC. BUT……… the NFHS course is very good and easy. It only takes about 25-30 minutes and provides you with a completed PDF certificate in which you can email to assignors.

This law applies to all youth sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, etc., so if you referee in other sports, you can use the same certification.

You will also be required to  show proof of having completed the NFHS course to referee high school matches in the summer/fall.

Any questions, please ask your assignors or email us at the FSRA site.