Your Firelands Board of Directors has adopted the following Code of Conduct for our organization, and we ask you to read and follow these guidelines every time you prepare yourself on and off the pitch.

Firelands F.I.R.S.T.

Let’s All Strive to Be “Best in Class”

I want to be recognized and counted on to be a GREAT referee – in my association, local area, region or wherever I choose to referee a match.

I also strive to be the FIRST choice of coaches, assigners, leagues and players.

I want to be “Best in Class!”


This is my pledge to FSRA:  I am Firelands FIRST.


F – Fit – I will come to every match focused and committed to perform, physically and mentally alert, aware of the importance of the match, and show respect for the coaches, players and fans.

I – Involved – I will stay current with soccer and our Firelands organization and participate, attending meetings and gatherings whenever possible, and be active locally and regionally in refereeing and soccer. I will proudly represent FSRA on and off the pitch.

R – Rules – I will know/respect/study and “own” the rules for the leagues I participate in, and apply them to the best of my ability and the expectations of players, coaches, assigners and soccer.  I am confident in my judgment.

S – Safety – I recognize the importance of safety first, and will work to limit injuries to players, no matter what the level of play.

T – Team – I believe FSRA is a united team, supporting and helping one another on and off the field, and I am committed to how I behave and represent the organization, in how I arrive at matches, how I ref, how I report, how I treat my fellow referees and how I enjoy my experience.  We are one.