Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA)

The Ohio High School Athletic Association is committed to serving its member schools by being the nation’s premier non-profit athletic administration organization.


those interested in becoming a Ohio High School Referee, new classes are typically scheduled in July for the upcoming season.  For more information, email FSRA, call a Board member, or Mr. Joe Blackham at 440-320-5220.

OHSAA Mission:

  • Provide exemplary athletic oversight through swift, fair, consistent and impartial regulatory rulings;
  • Operate with openness that generates trust and with strict fiscal accountability;
  • Provide impartial, responsive and inclusive leadership;
  • Conduct tournaments of nationally recognized excellence; and
  • Honor our ultimate purpose, which is to foster lifelong values, good citizenship, ethics and a fair-play approach to life among student-athletes while promoting safe and sporting-like athletic environment.

To learn more, visit the OHSAA website at www.ohsaa.org

To learn more about becoming an official, visit: http://www.ohsaa.org/officials/default.htm

OHSAA Handbook http://www.ohsaa.org/officials/OHSAAOfficialsHandbook.pdf

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