Thank you for your interest in officiating soccer in northern Ohio!  Many men and women before you have found out that their decision to learn more about the “wild world” of soccer officiating has enhanced their lives as well as those they officiate.  Our association is dedicated to employ the necessary resources available to assure your success.

Persons that have never been a referee should follow the procedure listed at the Ohio – North Soccer Referee Committee website (  Listed there is a comprehensive registration procedure and will include your risk management as part of the registration process.  The Ohio North State Referee Committee has mandated that all persons 18 and older successfully pass a risk management assessment to be registered as a referee.  Besides officiating youth games, adult officials are many times assigned to officiate with officials that are not yet 18.  These officials, their parents and the soccer community need to know that they will be in a safe environment when officiating.

To start this process, go to and click on the “Becoming a Referee” page (left side) and follow the instructions to the letter.

Questions?  Please contact John Hill (District Referee Administrator) at either 440-967-2821(h) or 440-858-7669(c)