New Referee Clinics (2011)  

PLEASE NOTE: – New Referee Clinics Are Closed for 2011

If your Soccer Organization would like to host a New Referee Clinic please contact Kevin O’Brien (ASDI) at (440) 409-1885 (cell), , or John Hill (DRA) at 440-967-2821 (home), 440-858-7669 (cell), or .
Refer to  for additional information about levels of officiating and instruction.

Questions?  Please contact either Kevin O’Brien or John Hill

Instructions for New Referees to Sign Up with USSoccer:
It is recommended referees register using onlie services.  Referees registering through this process will receive their license and other information much quicker than registering with a paper form at the clinic. 

1.  FEES – A $65.00 fee has to be paid using a credit card to use the online system.  Persons choosing to pay by check or cash must complete a paper registration form and pay at the clinic they choose or use postal services..

2.  Clinics Offered – Information on clinics offered can be found on the “Upcoming Referee Clinics” link on the left side of the page.  Most clinics charge a local fee (see above for FSRA fees) in addition to the $65.00 USSF/State fee.  Read the description under each clinic or choose the “Ohio North Districts” section on the left for links to the various referee associations throughout Ohio North.

3.  HowTo Register & Pay
1. Go to
2. Click on new user/sign up
3. Choose a User ID and password, and complete your name and biographical information.
4. Click Save
5. You will now be taken to the login screen.  Log in with the user ID and password that you created in step #3.
6. Click on the “Click here to register as a referee”.
7. Under “Register As” click the referee box.
8. This should bring up a box with “Referee Grade Details”.  You must now select grade “9” under grade level.  If you plan to attend a “Bridge” course and advance to a grade 8 this year, then select “8”.
9. Under “State of Registration”, select “Ohio North”.
10. In the District, enter one of the following three letter abbreviations:
     a.  ARK – for Akron area
     b. CAN – for Canton area
     c. CLE – for Cleveland area
     d. FIR – for Firelands area
     e. MAN – for Ashland or Mansfield area
     f.  TOL – for Toledo area
     g. YANG – for Youngstown area
11. Choose a clinic to attend that has “Entry Level” in the Clinic type.  Be sure to click on the “To View Description” at the far right of the clinic to see any local clinic chages or other information.
12. Complete the section on Convictions
13. Read the “Terms and Conditions” and select that your agree to them.
14. Complete the credit card and billing information.

You will then be able to print your receipt.  Bring this to the clinic that you choose.  Those 18 years or over must also complete the OYSAN RISK MANAGEMENT  portion.  Go to the link below for this process:

 “1OYSAN Referee” is the league, and “70855” is your password.

If for some reason you are not able to make the clinic you chose in step 11, send an e-mail to stating your name, the clinic you originally signed up to attend, and the clinic that you now wish to attend.  You will receive an e-mail back confirming your eligibility for the new clinic.

If you wish to advance to grade 8 this same year, tell the person registering you at the novice clinic and tell them which Bridge clinic you will attend.

If you have any questions, contact anyone on the FSRA Board, or email ,