FSRA 2019 ABM Minutes

FSRA ABM Minutes November 17, 2019

Pete called the meeting to order at 7:35 after dining on John Hunter’s culinary creations.

22 referees were present

The group reviewed the powerpoint agenda with discussion and comments from the following:

Rob motioned to approve the 2018 ABM minutes . Chris seconded. The motion passed 22-0

President’s report:
• Pete shared no issues this year
• FSRA is looking very good amongst its peers
• 4-6 schools are moving from 2-man to 3-man

Vice President’s report:
• Frank noted no news is good news

Treasurer’s Report”
• Finances:
Income: $2435
Expenses: $2061

Balance: $5853
Note: Lorain All Star Games fees ($440) are not reflected in the balance
No questions or comments regarding the report

Secretary’s Report:
• Website:
Up to date and clean

All “Contact FSRA” comments and emails were changed this past year to go directly to the FSRA Secretary’s email in real time.

• Mentoring:
Rob shared the mentoring program was abruptly abandoned when Ron had reported referees were making their own mentoring assignments and then submitting requests to be paid instead of following the guidelines FSRA agreed to.

Ben suggested OHTSL should give the FSRA money to mentor. Rob noted they had been contacted but did not have the budget to give Firelands monies.

OHSAA Secretary’s Report:
• Seven referees are eligible to take the OHSAA test to move to Class 1 status.

• New Program: Pre-season program where FSRA referees can volunteer to attend a school’s HS practice to review rules, changes and answer questions. Great opportunity to solidify our relationship with FSRA member schools.

• John will also try to hold a joint meeting with coaches to grow our relationship further. Referees will receive one Local Rules credit. We will also make it social.

• John expressed we need more USSF referees to upgrade to OHSAA.

HS Assignor’s Report: (Pete pinch hit for Joe while he is away on vacation)
• 99.9% of matches were covered; just one missed due to Arbiter confusion.

• Very few complaints

• Very positive feedback about headsets

• Assigning: everyone receives about the same number of matches

• The FSRA is trying to raise the fees

• Joe is working to get Huron back

• Joe asks we accept our assignments in the spring and turn them back later in the fall if conflicts arise.

• 4-5 schools will convert to a 3-man system of officiating

• Behave with the announcers; all understood and agreed the day should be about the kids and not referees

Trustees Report:
• The Trustees noted they audited and approved the Treasurer’s Report.

• Rob motioned to approve and Brad seconded. The motion passed 22-0

Pete shared the suggested slate was presented to the membership:
President: Pete W
VP: Frank S
Treasurer: Ron G
Secretary: Mike R
OHSAA Secretary: John H
Trustee: Rob S

Pete asked for additional nominations. None submitted. The group voted 22-0 to approve the recommended slate.

New Business:
Pete shared Gameday was sold and reopened. Pete suggested we remind our coaching contacts to consider taking a team to the venue.

Pete shared FSRA will host a social in January during the Women’s CONCAF. Date: TBD once the schedule is published

Rob motioned to adjourn John T seconded. Motion passed 22-0

Respectfully submitted…